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Carolina Passport is a bi-annual student publication that provides a venue for students who had international experiences to share what they had learned with other students, exposing them to different countries and cultures and encouraging them to explore the world too. It was created by a UNC student in 2004. Magazines are distributed across campus and to friends and supporters of UNC Global.

Passport’s mission is to promote and facilitate international awareness and learning for all Carolina students by:

  • Exposing students to international education opportunities, especially at the undergraduate level.
  • Serving as a venue for UNC students to share their experiences as a result of studying abroad, conducting international research, engaging in international service programs or participating in other international activities.
  • Providing a medium for all students to share their on-campus international and cross-cultural experiences.
  • Encouraging students to travel outside the comforts of their homes and expose themselves to different cultures by utilizing the international education opportunities Carolina offers.

Submit to Carolina Passport

We invite you to share your international and intercultural experiences with the UNC community by submitting creative works to Carolina PASSPORT. We encourage all types of submissions, from the traditional story to poems, photo essays and other creative pieces. Submissions from international students about their experience at Carolina are also welcome. Written submissions are recommended to be 500-1,000 words, highlighting your unique experience and what you’ve gained from it.

Submission Guidelines

The deadline to submit a piece for the Spring 2016 issue is Thursday, February 4.  Please follow these Passport Submission Guidelines.

Questions? Comments? Contact the editors at


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