From the Ground Up: The State of Cancer Care in Malawi

August 24, 2017

From his window at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Project-Malawi, Satish Gopal has a clear view of the cancer hospital currently under construction on the campus of Kamuzu Central Hospital. The metaphor isn’t lost on him or anyone else there. For the past five years, since moving his family to Lilongwe, Malawi, Gopal… Read more »

Rapid Diagnostic Test Helps Distinguish between Severe and Uncomplicated Malaria in Africa

Malaria is a leading cause of death for children living in sub-Saharan Africa. Many children in rural areas seek care at local community health clinics, but these clinics lack reliable tests to distinguish severe and uncomplicated malaria. Working at a health center in rural Uganda, researchers from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill… Read more »

English Is Off the Menu at Language Lunches

August 23, 2017

Jessica Tanner, an assistant professor of French at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, doesn’t often get the chance to speak the language she loves so much, at least outside of the classroom. “There aren’t a lot of opportunities in French to really engage with the community,” Tanner said. “I was excited about… Read more »

Student Pawelski Wins Award for Paper Examining Documentation of Cultural History as a Human Rights Issue

Before Nicole Pawelski began contemplating a professional career in archives, she made a very personal connection with an online archive affiliated with the Near East Relief Society (NER), which helped rescue children, including Pawelski’s paternal grandfather, during the Armenian Genocide of 1915. “I have a photograph of him with a group of other boys, and… Read more »

Anthropology and Southern Historical Collection Project Explores Repurposing of Former Industrial Spaces

Led by Rudi Colloredo-Mansfeld, an anthropology professor and the senior associate dean for social sciences and global programs in the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, the “Factories of Change” project brings together an unlikely cohort. It includes anthropologists and an archivist from UNC, an anthropologist from… Read more »

Meet a New Tar Heel: Emery Cagle

August 18, 2017

Growing up Emery Cagle loved to travel throughout the United States, and in high school, he had his first opportunity to travel internationally. He loved the experience so much, he went on several international trips offered by his school, visiting Costa Rica, Peru, Spain, Portugal and the British territory of Gibraltar. As Cagle, an incoming… Read more »

Meet a New Tar Heel: Patricia Dawson

August 16, 2017

Growing up, incoming doctoral student Patricia Dawson took a deep interest in her Cherokee history as she heard inspiring stories about influential family members of the past and present. One relative in particular, Rachel Caroline Eaton, ignited Dawson’s passion for revealing stories from the past. Eaton, Dawson’s great-great-great-aunt, is believed to be the first Cherokee… Read more »