Polar Regions News

UNC Alumna Zena Cardman Selected for NASA’s New Astronaut Class

June 7, 2017

Life-changing moments can come when you least expect them. On a hot August afternoon, Zena Cardman is working on her laptop from the comfort of her couch when she feels her phone buzz. The screen displays a number she doesn’t recognize — an area code from Houston, Texas. She hesitates to answer, thinking it might be a marketing call.

Out and About: LGBTQ Abroad

April 10, 2016

For many who identify as LGBTQ, the prospect of studying abroad can seem both incredibly enriching and downright terrifying. UNC linguistics major and Phillips Ambassador Grant King ’17 weighs in on how to navigate the world as an LGBTQ-identified person.

Rose Cory

Professor Receives Award to Advance Environmental Chemistry Research

Rose Cory, assistant professor of environmental sciences and engineering at Gillings School of Global Public Health, is one of nine researchers in the U.S. to receive the 2012 Camille & Henry Dreyfus Foundation Postdoctoral Program in Environmental Chemistry award. The award enables Cory to advance her research in environmental chemistry and its potential impacts on… Read more »

Zena Cardman

Exploring Life’s Limits on Earth

December 3, 2012

As part of her research into how life survives in places where it seemingly shouldn’t, Zena Cardman dove deep into a lake in British Columbia alongside researchers from NASA and the Canadian Space Agency and dug holes in the permafrost in the Arctic. The work is helping scientists determine if life exists or existed on… Read more »