About Todd Drake

Todd Drake creates art that is shaped by community. Currently an artist in residence at UNC Chapel Hill’s Center for Global Initiatives, he began working with the center as a 2004-2005 Rockefeller fellow. While a fellow Drake co-created with Dr. Hannah Gill the book “Going to Carolina del Norte, Narrating Mexican Migrant Experiences.” He has also worked collaboratively with undocumented immigrants to create a picture book “Give Me Eyes: Crossing borders to the heart.”

A painter and photographer, Drake has worked with a wide variety of communities including patients at an Alzheimer’s nursing home, employees at an exotic night club, long distance truck drivers, and refugees from Vietnam to create the large painting series “et al.”

Drake has exhibited nationally including galleries in Washington DC, Chicago, Charlotte, in museums such as the Weatherspoon Art Museum and SECCA, and is in private collections on both coasts. Drake has an MFA in painting from UNCG , teaches studio art, and speaks on Activism in Contemporary Art. He maintains a blog on art and social activism called Make Art Like You Care.

Photo: Todd and Robin Drake in Times Square.

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