Global Civic Engagement

Academic Service Learning

Carolina undergraduates must earn an experiential learning credit. This requirement can be fulfilled through study abroad, research, an internship or coursework. Service learning courses offered through APPLES, a subdivision of the Carolina Center for Public Service, fulfill this requirement.

APPLES is a student-led, staff-supported program that builds sustainable service-learning partnerships among students, faculty and communities in North Carolina and the world by engaging partners in a community-based curriculum. Service learning courses foster socially aware and community-engaged students. Classes often merge the global with the local, tackling issues such as the socioeconomic effects of immigration to North Carolina, in the classroom and with volunteer work in the community.

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Non-Academic Programs

Carolina provides its students with many non-academic opportunities for global civic engagement through service- and research-based fellowships, awards and student led organizations committed to international development and social and environmental justice.

The Campus Y, UNC’s largest and oldest student service organization, offers many of these opportunities through the Global Gap Year Fellowship, the Global Engagement Fellowship and its student-led international service organizations. These organizations included Nourish International, Technology Without Borders, Advocates for Grassroots Development in Uganda and World Micro Market. Global programming at the Y also includes Global Circle—a student organization that brings world-renowned thought leaders on global issues to Carolina—and the Carolina-Duke Global Leadership Institute, which promotes global citizenship and excellence in leadership in collaboration with Duke.

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