Global Library Collections

Boasting one of the largest research university libraries in the Southeast, Carolina is consistently ranked as having one of the top 20 libraries in the nation. The University is home to an array of books, archival material, digital resources and multimedia holdings, many of which cover global topics or are available in a foreign language.Library staff with expertise in global and area studies field reference questions, support visiting scholars and international visitors, bolster international research with collections and engage with local and global communities. UNC’s library system consists of many collections and libraries, including Davis Library, the Health Sciences Library, the Wilson Special Collections Library and the Law Library.

Wilson LibrarySpecial Collections by Area Studies

The library system actively builds specialized collections devoted to East Asian studiesLatin American and Iberian studies, Middle Eastern and Muslim Civilizations, and Slavic, Eurasian and East European studies.

Foreign Films

Students and faculty may check out DVDs or stream online foreign language films from the Media Resource Center of the R.B. House Undergraduate Library, which features a collection in the thousands.

Language Study

Language-learning resources such as audiobooks, kits, e-books, study guides and phrasebooks allow students to supplement their in-class language learning or enable ambitious students to pick up a new language in their free time.

Online Tutorials

Online tutorials on topics such as study abroad and Latin American studies research provide students with additional resources. E-research guides provide handy identification of databases, online journals and websites devoted to global regions and subjects across all disciplines. The Study Abroad Tutorial can prepare and assist UNC students studying abroad, with resources to   research destination countries, travel tips, language resources and more.

International Government Documents

The International Government Documents section gets publications from over 50 international intergovernmental organizations, such as the United Nations, European Union, Organization of American States, etc. You can also find information about world countries, international organizations and more.

Access to Other Area Libraries

An agreement between North Carolina State UniversityNorth Carolina Central UniversityThe University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Duke University has created the Triangle Research Libraries Network. Students, faculty and staff at any of the network schools may borrow books and resources from participating universities, further expanding the inventory of available resources.

Whatever their interest or research topic, Carolina students have access to a world-class education with worldwide resources available at their fingertips through the UNC Libraries.