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Queering the Borders

June 16, 2022

PhD candidate Suad Jabr is listening to the stories of LGBTQIA+ refugees. Suad Jabr is my ideal interview. They’re passionate and discuss topics beyond my initial question. They talk fast, and I try to keep up, writing more questions inspired … Continued

Capturing the Real-Time Human Experience in Ukraine

April 20, 2022

Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24. Two weeks later the Society for Cultural Anthropology published a series of essays written by anthropologists in Ukraine and Russia. Two weeks after that, they had enough submissions to run a continuation of the series. The … Continued

The Storm that Changed Her

November 22, 2021

Caela O’Connell sat in her apartment, staring at a flickering candle. Her hands gripped the backpack straps on her shoulders. The hills around her, heavy with sudden rains from Hurricane Tomas, groaned. The wind howled. It was strong enough to blow … Continued