Global Business Center

The Global Business Center at the UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School seeks to deliver the most integrated, innovative and impactful global business education available. The center is the driving force behind the School’s Global Education Initiative and the Inclusive Global Leadership development.

The center’s mission is to increase the global competencies of business students, faculty and staff by providing:

  • Experiential student education on and off campus along with assessment, reflection and feedback
  • Professional development for faculty and staff
  • Support for faculty’s curricular innovation

The center’s priorities are to:

  • Enhance the global competencies of all UNC Kenan-Flagler students, which will give them a competitive advantage in their careers
  • Develop educators and staff to prepare students for the global marketplace
  • Support curricular innovation for global business education
  • Serve as a hub for global education and a partner for the University at large, recruiters and alumni

Learning opportunities include:

  • EPIC Global Leadership Forum
    Experiential – Participatory – Inspiring – Connected (EPIC) Benefit from a day of cross-cultural simulations and interactive sessions with intercultural experts and business leaders to build your global competency for a successful career.
  • Culture Savvy Workshops 
    Improve your cross-cultural communication, learn how to effectively collaborate in diverse teams and enhance your ability to adapt to a variety of contexts through simulations and interactive exercises by experienced cross-cultural trainers.
  • Global Learning Labs 
    Investigate, experiment and reflect on your cross-cultural attitudes and skills in these interactive sessions that provide feedback in a fun and safe environment.
  • Student Leadership 
    Join the Global Business Center team to advance your global competency and help implement key Global Education Initiative programs.
  • GlobeSmart Learning Platform
    Understand intercultural differences and your own communication and work preferences and learn about global economies, history, government and religion that impact doing business globally.
  • Global Trade, Global Trade-Offs Conference
    Join industry and academic leaders to learn about and help solve real global business issues in highly interactive sessions.
  • Global Business Recordings 
    Gain insights into best business practices or cutting-edge research from renowned industry experts, UNC Kenan-Flagler faculty and academics from around the world.