Global Research Institute

The Global Research Institute was launched in 2009 as a platform for enhancing the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s ability to strategically address the world’s most pressing challenges. The institute draws on UNC’s interdisciplinary research to tackle important challenges facing North Carolina and the world, attracts and engages internationally renowned visiting and permanent faculty, and extends Carolina’s mission of public service.

The Global Research Institute is concluding its leadership of the University’s first campus-wide theme, “Water in Our World.” This theme provided a three-year interdisciplinary focus for the campus exploring the universal role water plays in human and planetary life. Faculty and students in both the arts and sciences approached “Water in Our World” through issues ranging from policy to environmental adaptation to climate change to global health.

In fall 2015, the Global Research Institute begins work on its third theme, “Feeding a Hungry World: Food Security in the 21st Century,” which will address food topics on a global scale and across disciplines.