Additional Centers / Institutes

Many additional centers and institutes on campus collaborate with faculty and students across campus to pursue work of global consequence. UNC research centers and institutes bring together the right mix of expertise to answer the big questions in science and society and provide the infrastructure and support services necessary to help these teams of scholars and scientists produce their best work.

A few of these leading centers include:

A number of other centers at UNC promote the understanding and awareness of different cultures and peoples or engage in study or research on topics that also have a global or cultural dimension. Some of these centers include:

The Campus Y—Carolina’s oldest and largest student service organization—continues to be a leader in on-campus dialogue and discussion and in off-campus international service and activism. Over the past two decades, the Campus Y’s international outreach has increased along with its emphasis on entrepreneurial and sustainable strategies for community empowerment. The organization has journeyed from its origins as a young men’s Christian fellowship group to become a pluralistic, diverse institution that champions civil and human rights not just in North Carolina but across the world.