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Lorna Avilés

COIL Faculty Fellow

Global Partnership and Programs

Headshot of Lorna Avilés. She is outside. The sky is gray and the grass is green. She is wearing rectangular glasses and a blue and white scarf.

Lorna Avilés is a Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) faculty fellow with Global Partnership and Programs. Since 2017, Avilés also serves as assistant teaching professor of Spanish at UNC-Chapel Hill. A committed and passionate educator, she specializes in teaching intermediate and advanced levels of Spanish. Throughout her career she has developed an array of language and cultural courses for both face-to-face and online formats, such as COIL, which incorporate new and innovative technologies and seek to engage students with the language beyond the classroom.

Avilés has been developing and leading study and community engagement programs abroad since 2009 to Perú, Costa Rica, Ecuador, South Africa, Namibia and Ireland. A social anthropologist by training, her educational background in cultural studies, history and economic development lends an added layer of benefit to her students on campus and abroad. At her previous institution, she worked with the Study Abroad Office to develop a new global-immersion and community engagement curriculum for both faculty and students that prepared them for the challenges abroad while making the most of their global education and contributing in-depth to the organizations where they served.

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