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Sharmila Udyavar

Associate Director for Global Education

Office of the Vice Provost for Global Affairs

Headshot of Sharmila Udyavar.

As associate director for global education, Sharmila Udyavar expands global learning opportunities for UNC-Chapel Hill students through on-campus curriculum. Partnering with and supporting UNC-Chapel Hill faculty, Udyavar serves as a resource for developing globally oriented undergraduate and graduate courses or modules, often in partnership with faculty at global partner universities. Udyavar’s portfolio includes Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) and the Diplomacy Initiative 

Throughout her career, Udyavar has created new global education opportunities for students and faculty, and she has obtained numerous awards and grants to support international programs at her previous institution, Fayetteville State University (FSU). In her previous position as liaison to the FSU provost for international education, she designed new programs for international students, spearheaded FSU’s COIL and virtual exchange programs and developed new partnerships with global institutions. In addition to her administrative roles leading global programs at FSU, Udyavar has taught sociology since 2012 and has expertise in curriculum design, global learning and assessment.  

Udyavar is an advocate for making equitable global education available to all students by leveraging virtual resources as well as immersive in-person experiences, which aligns with the central role she plays in Carolina’s Global Guarantee, the promise that each student has access to a transformative global education, articulated in the strategic plan Carolina Next: Innovations for Public Good.

Udyavar holds a doctorate in higher education leadership with a concentration in global learning and assessment and a master’s in sociology from FSUOriginally from India, Udyavar speaks several Indian languages including Hindi, Konkani, Marathi and Gujarati, among others. In her free time, Udyavar loves to travel and learn more about the world through cultures and cuisines.
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