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Virtual Panel Discussion: ‘Digital Forays: Rewind, Repeat, Rehash: History, Materiality And Digital Colonialism’

December 3, 2020 at 12:30 pm - 2:00 pm

Even Teen Vogue gets it: “If you take away imperial plunder, what else do you [the art world] have to offer?” Yet, how do we make sense of a 3D life-sized reconstruction of the arches of Palmyra, destroyed by ISIS, but now on a tour through Western Capitals as a spectacle reclaimed through digital methods? We lament the loss of this heritage –– but we laud the tools that helped us preserve and recreate it. The Middle East is continually framed as a space where archeological/heritage sites aren’t preserved. All the while, the past is being reconstructed, mediated and circulated by new tools, models, visualizations –– and digitized by what often amounts to new practices firmly grounded in the same shadows: orientalist tropes and (neo)colonalist methods.