Global Partners

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill emphasizes academic and research excellence, with a focus on bettering the world in which our faculty and students work and live. Today UNC has partnerships with more than 325 institutions around the world, making it possible to train physicians to provide clinical care in Malawi, enable researchers to explore and protect endangered island archipelagos and open doors for students to study history and business in countries as diverse as the United Kingdom and China.

By developing international partnerships with peer academic institutions, the University is able to expand its values, mission and philosophy internationally without establishing satellite campuses that compete with local institutions. Our strongest partnerships have developed over the course of many years, with synergies often first identified at a faculty-to-faculty research level or through a student exchange program. These initial interactions provided the opportunity for faculty and staff to identify mutual goals, shared research interests and closely aligned institutional values. In turn, these core connections have laid a foundation for linkages to extend across disciplines, schools and departments, gaining momentum as university-level bilateral relationships and receiving sustained institutional investment. UNC supports several strategic partnerships which involve multi-layered collaborations spanning a number of disciplines, schools or departments and receive sustained institutional investment. Such partnerships include faculty and student exchanges, research collaborations and mutually beneficial sharing of resources.

Developing a Global Partnership

UNC Global supports the development of international partnerships in part through Global Partnership Awards. These awards are designed to help develop and sustain partnerships between UNC and international institutions, and awards are made to support faculty, staff and students engaging in collaborations with colleagues at international institutions. Visit the Global Partnership Awards page to learn more.

When you are ready to formalize collaborations and draft a formal agreement between UNC and an international institution, please visit our international agreements page for templates and details about the University’s international agreement approval procedure. UNC Global also maintains an inventory of agreements that have already been signed between UNC units and many global institutions.

Visiting Carolina

If you are with a UNC school or unit and will be hosting faculty or administrators from one of your international partners, UNC Global is pleased to serve as a resource in your planning. Our protocol page can get you started with questions to consider, and you can also contact Melissa McMurray, international liaison officer, to discuss any upcoming visits.

If you are from a partner or prospective partner institution and would like to visit Carolina, please contact Melissa McMurray, international liaison officer, who can help organize your visit.