Global Partnership Awards

The Global Partnership Awards are designed to help sustain and develop partnerships between the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and international institutions. Awards will be made to support faculty, staff and graduate students engaging in collaborations with colleagues at international institutions (typically colleges or universities), with preference given to proposals that include designated UNC-Chapel Hill strategic or key partners. Individuals collaborating with colleagues at any international institution are welcome to apply.

Administered by the Global Relations office, Global Partnership Awards are supported by the Chancellor’s Global Education Fund, the only pan-University, unrestricted fund that supports UNC-Chapel Hill’s top global priorities.

Awards are intended to be used for travel expenses (airfare, transportation, lodging, per diem) for UNC-Chapel Hill faculty, staff or graduate students to visit a partner institution to facilitate joint research or course development, organize conferences/symposia, present papers/lectures, provide training, serve on graduate student committees or engage in other collaborative activities. Other expenses may be considered. However, proposed initiatives must advance a partnership between institutions and not solely enable the applicant to conduct personal research or projects.

Awards cannot be used for stipends, honoraria, consulting fees or for students to enroll in courses, practicum, or study abroad programs/exchanges.

2018-2019 Global Partnership Award Recipients

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2016-2017 Global Partnership Award Recipients

2015-2016 Global Partnership Award Recipients

2014-2015 Global Partnership Award Recipients

2013-2014 Global Partnership Award Recipients

Award Information:

  • Maximum of $3,000 given per award
  • Average award is $1,400


  • Faculty/staff applicants must be full-time and can be from any UNC-Chapel Hill unit.
  • Graduate student applicants must be full-time, degree-seeking and be returning to UNC for at least a semester after the proposed initiative. Students must have a faculty sponsor to apply. Undergraduate students are not eligible for this award.
  • Preference is given to outbound UNC-Chapel Hill personnel, but UNC-Chapel Hill applicants may apply for funds to bring partner colleagues to Carolina.
  • Recipients are limited to one award each academic year.

Application Information and Instructions:


Applications will be received by a committee comprised of the Director of Global Relations, the International Liaison Officer, the Director of the Global Research Institute, and a representative from a FedEx Global Education Center unit. The committee will send recommended proposals to the Chief International Officer for final approval. Proposals are evaluated on the following criteria:

  • Does the initiative include a strategic or key partner?
  • Does the initiative have the potential to advance a partnership? Does it expand a partnership to a new UNC-Chapel Hill unit or engage new faculty or students?
  • Is the initiative adequate and appropriate to achieve the expected results?
  • Is the proposal specific and well-written?
  • Is the budget clear and reasonable? Are alternate sources of funding identified?

Requirements for Award Recipients:

  • Funds will be dispersed as reimbursements unless there are special circumstances (save original receipts).
  • Comply with UNC-Chapel Hill’s travel policy, including current warnings and restrictions (students must complete the appropriate waiver).
  • Submit itinerary to UNC-Chapel Hill’s Global Travel Registry.
  • All faculty, staff and students traveling abroad in affiliation with the University are required to purchase travel health insurance.
  • Check for IRB Compliance – Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval is required for research with human or animal subjects.
  • Submit a report (with pictures if appropriate) within a month of the initiative describing the activity that took place and how the partnership was advanced.
  • Awards funds must be utilized within six months of the award date, and reimbursement must be requested within one month after travel has been completed.

Sample Funded Applications

Erika Wise, Associate Professor of Geography: Graduate Student Workshop at King’s College London

Cori Dauber, Professor of Communication: Visit by King’s College London Research Fellow to UNC-Chapel Hill

Diego Riveros-Iregui, Assistant Professor of Geography: Collaborative Research with Universidad de San Francisco Quito

Bryan Reatini, Graduate Student: Research Trip to the Galápagos Science Center

Richard Langston, Associate Professor of German: Interdisciplinary Workshop at Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen

Questions? Contact:

Melissa McMurray
International Liaison Officer, Global Relations
Phone: +1.919.537.3675