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Three Undergraduates Selected as UNC Phillips Ambassadors

March 1, 2021

Since the Phillips Ambassadors Program began in 2007, the scholarship program has supported approximately 360 undergraduates studying abroad in Asia. Three undergraduates from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill have been selected as Phillips Ambassadors for study abroad … Continued

A Dynamic Global Dozen

February 16, 2021

Twelve international exchange students from seven countries are calling UNC-Chapel Hill home this spring. Due to COVID-19, many had postponed coming to Carolina for one or more terms and waited months for travel restrictions to lift and visas to be … Continued

Winter 2020 Graduate: Lizzie Russler ’20

November 30, 2020

Senior Lizzie Russler has worked around the world tackling challenges at the intersection of human rights and climate change. An internship at Sephora also confirmed her interest in sustainability issues. Lizzie Russler has kept her bags packed and her passport … Continued

Winter 2020 Graduate: An Advocate for Asian American Students

November 30, 2020

Senior April Bourommavong is a first-generation student who co-founded the Southeast Asian Student Association during her time at Carolina. April Bourommavong’s parents both left their homeland in Laos in the 1980s as young adults, living in different United States cities … Continued

A Terrific Trio

October 19, 2020

Undergraduate researchers Chloe Schneider, Maribel Herrera and Megan Raisle, under the leadership of UNC-Chapel Hill geographer Diego Riveros-Iregui, spent two months in Ecuador’s northern Andes Mountains exploring climate change. They came back to Chapel Hill, wrote a paper that was … Continued

Unvarnished Truth

October 8, 2020

Alumnus Elijah Heyward is guiding plans for the new International African American Museum on the site of the largest point of entry for enslaved people into the United States. When Elijah Heyward III (Ph.D. American studies ’18) enrolled at Yale Divinity … Continued

Listening In

October 8, 2020

A senior in geography and history uses audio storytelling to enlighten and engage. NASA’s Perseverance rover blasted off from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station on July 30, headed for Mars. Its multi-year mission: Look for signs of ancient life, collect … Continued

Resilient Mindsets

October 4, 2020

Finding answers to big questions about evolution requires a particular mindset. For biologist Daniel Matute, that mindset includes a trait often found in our planet’s hardiest organisms: resiliency. How do genomes differ? Why do some species go extinct while others … Continued