Conghe Song

Restoring Rural China

May 6, 2019

During the 1970s, in a rural village in the eastern Chinese province Anhui, a young Conghe Song and his family participated in collective farming to make a modest living. Countless hours were spent in the paddies cutting the plants by hand with a sickle and then replanting, literally one grain of rice at a time…. Read more »

Chérie Rivers Ndaliko Confronts Conflict with Creativity

March 18, 2019

Chérie Rivers Ndaliko stood behind the music stand she uses for a podium, her hands clasped, and looked out over her class. “I’m going to stand up here, and I want you to tell me what you see,” she said. While she has completed this exercise with classes in South Africa, Brazil and across the United… Read more »

Time and Tenacity graphic

Carolina Population Center Leads Data-Driven Studies, Enriching Population Research Across the World

July 17, 2018

Three projects –the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent to Adult Health (Add Health), China Health and Nutrition Survey (CHNS) and MEASURE Evaluation – encapsulate the Carolina Population Center’s emphasis on long-term data collection. A central research approach of the center, these projects highlight the importance of longevity, enabling investigators to see links between issues, data and outcomes…. Read more »

Haley Moser Researches Water and Life in the Galápagos

May 7, 2018

By Haley Moser ’18 Water sloshes rhythmically as I make my way across a farm on San Cristóbal Island in the Galápagos. As I begin my trek up a steep hill, the weight of the five-gallon water bag I’m carrying begins to wear on me. This is my second trip grabbing water today, and I’m… Read more »