School of Social Work

David Ansong and Mat Despard

Project Helps Young Kenyans Overcome Poverty

October 10, 2012

Next year, youth in Nairobi, Kenya are expected to receive job training and asset-saving skills that social work researchers say may be the lifeline these young people need to help lift themselves out of poverty. The youth, mainly 16- to 24-year-olds, are expected participants in a UNC School of Social Work collaborative project that aims… Read more »

Ana Isabel Pinto

Professor From Portugal Visits School of Social Work

October 3, 2012

Ana Isabel Pinto, a faculty member from the University of Porto in Portugal, visited the UNC School of Social Work on Oct. 3 and gave a presentation on “Issues in Early Childhood Intervention and Work with Families in Portugal.” She is part of the Global Education and Developmental Studies Project, and one of her doctoral… Read more »

Three European Students Join School of Social Work This Semester

September 14, 2012

This semester the UNC School of Social Work welcomes three European students, two from Germany and one from Portugal. Johanna Schneider and Nicole Pertl are masters students from Ludwig-Maximilians University in Munich. Joana Cancela is a doctoral student from the University of Porto in Porto, Portugal. They are sponsored by a project called GEDS, Concentration in Global Education and Developmental Studies, which focuses… Read more »

Professor’s Project Helps N.C. Teachers Understand the Immigration Experience

September 5, 2012

When the newly-constructed Margaret B. Pollard Middle Schoolfirst opened its doors in Chatham County last year, teachers welcomed an unexpected wave of Hispanic youth into their classrooms. This year, Latinos are expected to make up almost a quarter of the school’s 480-student body, and educators are better prepared for their return. That readiness is due in… Read more »

Professors Spend Summer Teaching in China

August 10, 2012

Bringing their expertise to Asia, UNC’s Distinguished Professors of Sociology Kenneth Bollen and Guang Guo, Professor of Political Science Xi Chen, and Professor of Social Work Shenyang Guo have taught summer courses at Peking University. Shenyang Guo also taught at Remin University of China, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, and China’s Youth College of… Read more »

Faculty Attend Social Work Conference, Expand Research Opportunities in Sweden

August 10, 2012

Several UNC School of Social Work faculty have traveled to Stockholm, Sweden to participate in the Joint World Conference on Social Work and Social Development: Action and Impact, and to meet with Swedish colleagues on developing collaborative projects. Those attending the July conference included Irene Zipper, Mark Fraser, Mimi Chapman, Mark Testa, visiting professor Meihua Zhu,… Read more »

Students, Faculty Find South Africa Trip an Unforgettable Experience

July 13, 2012

Almost two decades after the fall of apartheid, South Africa remains a country of contradictions. Here, visitors can find unbelievable beauty, including majestic mountains, contrasted against pockets of overwhelming poverty, unemployment, and crime. Such complexity also presents an unforgettable educational experience, which university students and faculty and social work practitioners discovered during a study abroad… Read more »

School of Social Work Professors Present, Consult in Israel

June 12, 2012

Gary Bowen and Dennis Orthner visited Israel in May to provide invited seminars on “Learning and Knowledge Development Strategies for Social Work Practice.” At an invited conference of social work leaders at Hebrew University, Orthner offered a presentation on a theory of learning and practice and Bowen presented a model for results-based learning and practice. This… Read more »