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MJ-School Students Travel to 19 Cities, 4 Continents in 2016-17

June 28, 2017
Hussman School of Media and Journalism

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Media and Journalism had an incredible year of national and international travel opportunities for students.

From covering the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro to being invited to Super Bowl Media Week in Houston, students traveled to 19 cities across four different continents in 2016-2017 to report on local news, learn about the international media markets and network with alumni. The MJ-school is proud to provide these opportunities to help students become global leaders in their chosen fields.

International travel

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil | 2016 Summer Olympics

July 18 – Aug. 21, 2016

To kick off the 2016-17 year, 25 students traveled to Brazil with the MJ-school to cover the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro in partnership with the Olympic News Service. UNC was one of only two universities in the world that worked with the Olympic News Service at the Rio Olympics. Each student was given a specific sport to cover at a specific venue in addition to other assignments. Four other students reported about athletes with North Carolina ties in partnership with professional media outlets throughout the state.

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Cerro Pachón, Chile | MEJO 625: Media Hub

Nov. 12-18, 2016

Students traveled to the Southern Astrophysical Research Telescope on Cerro Pachón, Chile, to document the connection between the UNC Department of Physics and Astronomy and this important research installation. The telescope, which was designed by two UNC alumni, Bruce Carney and Wayne Christiansen, has pioneered the way for other telescopes in the area.

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Coquimbo, Chile | MEJO 625: Media Hub

Nov. 12-18, 2016

The Chilean Coast was struck by a disastrous earthquake and tsunami in September 2015. The events caused massive devastation, leading to a loss of more than 9,000 homes and leaving thousands more without electricity. Students traveled to Coquimbo to investigate the impact that the natural disaster had on local fishermen.

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Havana, Cuba | MEJO 584: Documentary Multimedia Storytelling

March 9-18, 2017

During UNC’s spring break, 23 students traveled to Cuba to create a multimedia documentary website — Cuba’s New Wave — that explores the unique youth culture in Cuba. The trip was led by Professor Pat Davison and adjunct instructor Tamara Rice.

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London and Paris | Workroom FashionMash program

March 10-15, 2017 (London) and March 15-18, 2017 (Paris)

Five students from the Workroom FashionMash program traveled to London and Paris to study fashion media, branding, design and production during UNC’s spring break. The trip was led by Professor of the Practice Dana McMahan and featured networking meetings with fashion entrepreneurs, an inside look at fashion design schools and visits to Refinery 29 London and Cartier Paris.

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London | MEJO 447: International Media Markets

March 10-18, 2017

Associate Professor Rhonda Gibson led her class to London over spring break to explore the British media market. Gibson and her class visited companies such as Google, Bloomberg, Facebook, BBC News and APCO Worldwide. Before the trip, the class learned about the history of media and communication industries in the United Kingdom, exploring both similarities and differences with that of the United States.

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Vieques, Puerto Rico | MEJO 625: Media Hub

March 29 – April 5, 2017

Four students traveled to Puerto Rico to cover the reintroduction of native species into the Vieques National Wildlife Refuge. They also reported on the future development of the refuge as more of it becomes open to the public. The North Carolina Zoo has served as a breeding ground for one of Puerto Rico’s critically endangered species, the Puerto Rican crested toad. In the fall, the zoo sent 400 tadpoles back to Puerto Rico to be reintroduced to their native habitats.

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