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One Carolina Student's Journey from Project Uplift to Studying Abroad to Discovering Her Passion

June 21, 2019

“I came to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill ready to be a small fish in a big pond for once, ready for a change,” said Taylor Doggett, a rising senior in the School of Media and Journalism.

When Doggett first drove up South Road to Carolina’s stone entrance, it was love at first sight. “I was enchanted with Carolina—with the energy and the picture-perfect campus. Carolina became my number one choice,” she said.

The University’s Southern ties, athletic excellence and strong academics were each compelling factors in Doggett’s college decision-making process. However, it was her experiences through Project Uplift, a summer enrichment and college access program designed to promote and increase access to higher education, that solidified her decision.

“Project Uplift gave me a space to exist and a community waiting for me on campus. I met my best friend to this day at Project Uplift. She’s the first person I told that I got into UNC (Chapel Hill),” Doggett said.

Upon coming to Carolina, Doggett knew her ultimate goal was to serve as an advocate for social justice, but she was initially unsure which area of study would serve her best as a foundation. She attributed a simple conversation with her friend during her sophomore year to setting her on the right path.“You love talking, reading and keeping up with current events,” her friend said. “You should be at the media and journalism school.”

This comment ignited a passion in Doggett. During her fourth semester, she hit the ground running with six classes in the school—and she loved all of them.

“At Carroll Hall, I felt connected to the material and to my classmates,” Doggett said. “It’s a one-stop shop: classes, library, resources and student services are all under one roof.”

Her love for the school of media and journalism provided her with many opportunities, including the chance to study abroad.

“The school and study abroad staff encouraged me to travel globally and to apply to be a Phillips Ambassador. I qualified! The support helped make my trip financially feasible,” Doggett said. “I know people all over the globe now. I studied in Hong Kong and traveled to Cambodia, Macau, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand, Indonesia, South Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam and Japan. What a learning opportunity!”

In addition to traveling, Doggett was able to take both journalism and region-specific classes as well.

Learning in unique academic settings and immersing herself in new cultures helped Doggett develop skills that she will be able to apply when she begins to look for career opportunities.

“My dream is to follow my passion for social change and do political campaign work in a PR agency in Chicago, New York or D.C.”

Wherever Taylor Doggett goes, she will go with confidence—her global experiences through Carolina’s study abroad programs have set her up for success.

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