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Taking the Long View: Cohen Delivers Richardson Lecture

October 13, 2020
Institute for Global Health and Infectious Diseases

Human beings will continue to suffer from infectious diseases, some of them contagious. To fight a new disease, infectious disease physicians first work to define the rules that govern the disease, its spread and the gravity of the infection. Those rules then determine prevention and treatment strategies, as Institute Director Dr. Myron Cohen explained to his audience at the UNC World View’s Richardson Lecture on Sept. 17.

Current technologies allow remarkably fast responses to new infections, Cohen noted, including the development of prevention strategies and treatments. The best response to COVID-19, as we have learned so far from the virus’ rules, is a combination prevention that includes behavioral changes, drug treatments and potential vaccines.

“Thank you for a superb, impactful, and information lecture. This is the most important and excellent presentation I have heard about the virus and how to understand and face it, which is obviously a huge issue,” noted James Peacock, UNC anthropology professor who helped found the World View program.

Charlé LaMonica, director of World View, added, “In these times that are so very challenging, it is good to see the University sharing expertise and the community so appreciative of learning valuable, important information.” LaMonica noted that World View will offer scholarships in Cohen’s honor this fall to allow 10 teachers to attend Fall 2020 programs.

World View is a UNC public service program that provides high-quality global professional development for K-12 and community college teachers, administrators and staff. The annual lecture is named for Dick Richardson, a former UNC provost and member of World View’s Council of Advisors.

Watch the 2020 UNC World View’s Richardson Lecture.

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