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UNC Hosts Tania Lima from King’s College London

February 28, 2017
UNC Global Affairs

Tania Lima, director of global engagement for King’s Worldwide at King’s College London, visited the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill on February 23 for an overview of partnership activities between UNC and King’s. Lima joined King’s Worldwide in February 2016 and is responsible for directing the global engagement team and supporting overseas partnerships.

During her visit, Lima met with faculty from social sciences and humanities departments in the College of Arts and Sciences, the Graduate School, and International Student and Scholar Services to learn about existing joint initiatives, including the extensive engagement of graduate students, and to discuss future plans. She also participated in a lunch discussion hosted by Ron Strauss, executive vice provost and chief international officer, with researchers from some of UNC’s health affairs schools to explore areas of mutual interest.

With a research background in molecular biology and experience leading international collaborations in cancer research, Lima had particular interest in her meeting with Shelley Earp, director of UNC Cancer Care, who has had longstanding collaborations with researchers from King’s.

“Carolina has benefited for many years from a very close relationship with King’s College London,” said Ron Strauss. “More departments become involved every year and our students, faculty, and staff continue to find novel ways to collaborate.”

UNC’s collaboration with King’s College London, a research-led public university in the heart of London founded in 1828, exemplifies a commitment to building robust and multi-level global partnerships. In 2006, UNC and King’s College London established the UNC-King’s Strategic Alliance, initiated between UNC’s College of Arts and Sciences and King’s School of Arts and Humanities and School of Social Science and Public Policy. The alliance has expanded to become one of the most ambitious partnerships between U.S. and U.K. universities, including an active student exchange and longstanding and emerging joint activity in teaching, research and other initiatives in diverse fields across both universities.

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