UNC Professors Co-edit New ‘Journal of East Asian Humanities’

March 24, 2015

Associate Chair and Director of Undergraduate Studies Robin Visser and Associate Professor Gang Yue, Department of Asian Studies
Photo by Shannon Harvey

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Asian studies professors Gang Yue and Robin Visser are the co-editors of a new publication, the Journal of East Asian Humanities (Dongya Renwen東亞人文). The production manager for the journal is Han Han. Han is a former visiting scholar in the UNC Department of Asian Studies, current postdoctoral fellow of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and member of the China Writers’ Association.

The journal will be published annually in Taiwan and will primarily publish in Chinese in order to fill a demand for reputable, non-censored venues for humanities scholarship in Chinese.

“This collaboration will make a major contribution to UNC-CH’s reputation as a global university and help to cement ties with scholars and institutions in East Asia,” said Nadia Yaqub, chair of the Department of the Asian Studies.

Co-editor Robin Visser explained the journal’s origins, saying that, “Long-term scholarly associations resulted in this unique opportunity to collaborate between Taiwan, P.R. China and North America. After a number of meetings, we decided that the central aim of this journal is to provide a platform for emerging younger scholars whose cutting-edge scholarship in East Asian humanities is more difficult to publish in other venues.

“The demand for such a venue was clear when we quickly received 305 submissions after our initial call for submissions,” Visser elaborated.

The inaugural 2014 issue includes a rich mix of articles on modern literature, philosophy, religion and the arts in China, Korea, Japan and Vietnam, written by scholars working in North America, P.R. China and Taiwan. In addition to thirteen scholarly articles, the 345-page issue includes book reviews, opinion pieces, an interview with a Chinese expert on African literature, and findings from contemporary social science research.

More information is available on the journal’s Facebook page.