UNC Student Admitted to Renowned Math in Moscow Program

June 6, 2016

Sam DeHority

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill sophomore Sam DeHority ’18 is the first Carolina student to be admitted to the competitive and internationally renowned Math in Moscow program. The Math in Moscow program is a semester-long program hosted jointly by the Independent University of Moscow, the Higher School of Economics Faculty of Mathematics and the Moscow Center for Continuous Mathematical Education.

DeHority, a math major with a minor in linguistics, will spend Fall 2016 in the program.

“The Math in Moscow program will give Sam DeHority a unique opportunity to experience both the Russian style of math scholarship and the culture and history of Moscow,” says Bob Miles, associate dean for study abroad and international programs in the UNC College of Arts and Sciences. “This program exemplifies the goals and range of our study abroad programs, which can help students in every discipline elevate their scholarship to a global platform.”

Since the Math in Moscow program began in 2001, more than 200 students have participated. The program provides students from outside of Russia with an opportunity to study math intensively in the Russian tradition, which focuses more on creativity and problem solving rather than on rote memorization of theorems and facts. Students experience this rigorous and challenging math program under the guidance of highly qualified mathematics professors from the participating institutions.

The Math in Moscow program, which is conducted in English, emphasizes in-depth understanding of carefully selected material instead of working on a broad array of concepts. Students are encouraged to make connections between the concepts they are focusing on and contemporary avenues of research in mathematics.

The Math in Moscow program takes place in the historic heart of Moscow. Students can sit in on additional lectures offered at the collaborating universities and spend their free time exploring the history, architecture and culture of Moscow.