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Our Partnership Philosophy

Our faculty, students and staff work and study with universities, organizations and peers around the world. These connections and partnerships offer a collaborative approach to global learning, scholarship and research, reflecting Carolina’s commitment to globally constructed knowledge and providing for an institutional model of global competencies for all students.

A central approach of Carolina’s global engagement is to develop mutually beneficial partnerships that build on the strengths of both institutions and create ways to work across communities. These partnerships offer ways for Carolina to contribute research and creative, problem-solving ideas to the world. 

Our strongest partnerships have developed over the course of many years, with connections often first identified at a faculty-to-faculty research level or through a student exchange program. These initial interactions enabled faculty and staff to identify mutual goals, shared research interests and closely aligned institutional values, establishing a foundation for linkages to extend across disciplines and gain momentum as university-level relationships.

UNC-Chapel Hill supports several strategic partnerships which involve multi-layered collaborations spanning a number of disciplines, engaging faculty and students, and receiving sustained institutional support.

Developing a Global Partnership

Developing a partnership with an international institution can take many years and generally involves visits to and from the potential partner to explore areas for collaboration and see results of early connections. For UNC-Chapel Hill units hosting faculty or administrators from an international partner, the Global Partnership and Programs team can serve as a resource for protocol and visit planning.

If you are from a partner or prospective partner institution and would like to visit Carolina, please contact Melissa McMurray, associate director of global partnerships.

The Office of the Vice Provost for Global Affairs also supports the development of international partnerships through Global Partnership Awards, designed to support faculty, staff and students engaging in collaborations with colleagues at international institutions.

For Carolina colleagues seeking support in formalizing collaborations, please visit our international collaboration agreements page for details about the University’s process.