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Funding to Connect Carolina Classrooms with the World

Through the Connecting Carolina Classrooms with the World initiative, the Office of the Vice Provost for Global Affairs is offering Curriculum Development Awards for Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) as one of three approaches to develop global education opportunities that are inclusive by design. These awards support Carolina faculty members interested in working with a colleague at an international partner institution to develop collaborative activities for students in their regularly scheduled courses. Faculty can also request approval to select a COIL Graduate Fellow to provide support in the development or implementation of COIL activities.

Faculty members can apply to work with a colleague from any international partner institution. Faculty members who would like assistance to identify a peer at one of UNC-Chapel Hill’s strategic or key partners should contact Katie Bowler Young, senior director for Global Partnership and Programs,

Faculty members will design collaborative projects or assignments to virtually connect students from the courses at each institution over a period of at least three weeks. COIL activities should support regular course objectives while also enabling students to examine topics from varied cultural and societal perspectives. Examples of activities include shared readings, small group discussions and group projects. Student collaboration may be synchronous or asynchronous, as long as the technology used to connect students supports the goals for student learning.  

COIL courses are eligible to fulfill the Experiential Education requirement in the Making Ideas General Education curriculum or the High Impact requirement in the new IDEAs in Action General Education curriculum. To qualify, the course must include a minimum of 30 hours of connection with students at the partner institution and require a reflective essay or project about the COIL components. 

Curriculum Development Awards for COIL are supported by the Chancellor’s Global Education Fund, the unrestricted pan-University, fund that supports Carolina’s top global priorities. 

Award Information

  • Faculty recipients receive an award of $2,500. Award funds are disbursed as an overload payment in compensation for time developing and implementing COIL activities.
  • In the application, faculty can request $1,500 award for support from a graduate student (student does not need to be identified at time of application).
  • Faculty who previously received a Curriculum Development Award for COIL can receive an additional award of $2,500 to continue integrating COIL into the same course in another semester.
  • The course must be taught within two semesters of the award date. 

Application Deadlines and Instructions

  • Application deadlines for 2021-2022 are October 5, 2021 (for Spring 2022 and Fall 2022 courses) and March 5, 2022 (for Fall 2022 and Spring 2023 courses).
  • Faculty should complete the Curriculum Development Award Application Form. 
  • Faculty who previously received a Curriculum Development Award for COIL are eligible to apply for a COIL Repeated Course – Curriculum Development Award. The application deadline for this award is December15, 2021.
  • Faculty should indicate on the application form if seeking support for a graduate student. 


  • Faculty must be full-time employees from any UNC-Chapel Hill college or school (if course is co-taught, award will be split between the faculty members).
  • Courses must be 3 or more credits and can be at the undergraduate or graduate level. 
  • If faculty are applying for student support, the selected student must be a full-time, degree-seeking UNC-Chapel Hill student at the graduate level. 
  • Recipients are limited to one award per academic year per course. Faculty can reapply to the Curriculum Development Award for COIL for a new course.
  • Faculty who integrate COIL activities within their course for a second semester are eligible to apply for the COIL Repeated Course Award. That award is only for faculty who have previously received the Curriculum Development Award and are repeating the same course with the same partner(s).


Applications are reviewed by a committee consisting of the director of Global Partnership and Programs, the associate vice provost for global affairs, a representative from one of the area studies centers in the FedEx Global Education Center, the director of the Global Research Institute and the award administrator. The committee sends recommended applications to the vice provost for global affairs for approval. Applications are evaluated on the following criteria: 

  • Is the COIL activity clearly described, and will it effectively connect students from the two institutions? 
  • Will the COIL activity support course learning objectives while also enable students to examine topic from different cultural and societal perspectives? 
  • Does the COIL activity provide for experiential education and virtual collaboration among the students? 
  • If graduate student support is requested, are the student’s responsibilities reasonable and specific? 
  • Does the proposal include one of Carolina’s strategic or key partners? 

Additional Information for Applicants

Resources for Developing a COIL Course

Sample Applications

Contact Information

Program Inquiries:

Katie Bowler Young, Senior Director for Global Partnership and Programs
Office of the Vice Provost for Global Affairs

Award Inquiries:

Emmy Grace, Global Partnership and Programs Assistant
Global Partnership and Programs, Office of the Vice Provost for Global Affairs

Melissa McMurray, Manager of Global Partnership Administration
Global Partnership and Programs, Office of the Vice Provost for Global Affairs