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International Gifts

The support of Carolina’s global community is critical to the success of students and researchers at Carolina. We’re working to create systems and procedures to enable international donors to receive tax benefits when making a charitable gift to UNC. Currently, tax beneficial giving options are available for the United Kingdom.

United Kingdom

Gift Aid is a United Kingdom tax incentive that can increase the value of charitable monetary gifts by UK donors, including dual taxpayers. Gift Aid allows charities registered in the United Kingdom to claim back the basic tax paid by donors on their donations.

Gifts over £1,000

UNC Global has registered with CAF American Donor Fund (CADF) to redeem the additional value of gifts over £1,000. To make your first gift, follow the steps below. For subsequent gifts, follow steps 3 to 5 only.

For assistance with this process, contact Caroline Evans, +1.919.962.1705,

  1. Complete the account opening form.

CADF is obliged by UK anti-money laundering regulations to identify the donor before they accept the donation. These disclosures are standard in the UK and are subject to the UK Data Protection Act, which dictates that the information may be obtained and used only for the stated purpose and must be kept securely to minimize the risk of data loss. This form only needs to be completed once.

Download form.

  1. Complete the Gift Aid declaration form.

This form is optional, but it is required if you intend for CADF to recover applicable Gift Aid on your behalf in order to increase the value of your donation. This form only needs to be completed once, but it does need to be resubmitted if you change your name or UK tax address.

Download form.

  1. Complete the gift form.

This form is required for every transaction. The form is already populated with the charity and contact information for Daniel Lebold, director of development for UNC Global, to ensure the gift is routed to the correct UNC account.

Download form.

  1. Email your documents.

Contact: Mark Greer Head of CAF American Donor Fund,

In your cover email, include the following information:

  • Where you work and what you do for a living. (This is a UK anti-money laundering requirement.)
  • Indicate if you are on a remittance basis for UK tax purposes.
  • Indicate if you would prefer to donate appreciated stock rather than cash.

Attach the following documents:

  • Account opening form. Required for the first donation only.
  • Gift Aid declaration form. Required for the first donation if claiming Gift Aid; it should be submitted thereafter only if your name or UK tax address change.
  • Gift form. Required for every donation.
  • Copy of your passport. Required for first donation and after a name change.
  1. Make your gift to CADF.

Stock or Cash Wire

Once CADF has set up your account, they will send you the details of their CADF bank account (USD or BDP, UK onshore or UK offshore as the case may be) to wire your donation to.

Gifts by Check

If you would like to send a check, you can do so but will still need to include all three forms listed above (Steps 1, 2, and 3). Send these forms with your gift(s) to:

The Manager

CAF American Donor Fund

25 Kings Hill Avenue, West Malling

Kent, ME19 4TA

Contact Information

Need assistance? Contact a member of the development team.