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Global Guarantee

Global Guarantee Logo with students holding camera

When it comes to access and affordability, Carolina has always been a leader. In 1795, we opened our doors as the nation’s first public university. In 2004, we announced the Carolina Covenant, giving all eligible low-income students the opportunity to graduate debt-free. And now we are launching the Global Guarantee—our promise that every student can have access to a transformative global education while an undergraduate at Carolina.

In our interconnected world, students from all disciplines and career paths benefit from first-hand global opportunities. They become more flexible, self-aware and confident while also gaining intercultural skills and becoming better students. They graduate with higher grade point averages and expand their academic and professional networks. While many universities offer global opportunities, Carolina aspires to make a global education accessible and affordable to all of our students. We need your support to ensure that all students have access to these opportunities. With the Global Guarantee, Carolina is once again showing what it means to be a leading global public research university.

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