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Carolina’s Global Guarantee

Global Guarantee. Connecting Carolina to the World. Photo of man and woman outside with camera.

The Global Guarantee is Carolina’s promise that a global education is available to every student. By offering students the best menu of global education opportunities possible, the Global Guarantee helps Carolina students fulfill their potential to become the next generation of leaders with the global knowledge, skills and mindset to address the world’s greatest challenges. 

Who is the Global Guarantee for? 

The Global Guarantee is for ALL Tar Heels, serving the full range of students’ diverse and intersecting backgrounds, interests and abilities. The Global Guarantee helps each student chart a unique global learning journey that meets their individual academic, professional and personal goals.

Global Education Opportunities at Carolina and Beyond 

The students each form the letters UNC, respectively, with their arms. One student squats in front of them and tugs their crewneck to highlight the words "Carolina" on it.
Four environmental studies students in front of the royal palace in Brussels, Belgium, the fifth country they visited while studying renewable energy on a study abroad in Germany and the Netherlands. (Photo by Erin Danford)

Global learning opportunities are integrated throughout the student experience at Carolina. Many are “inclusive by design,” meaning they are available to ALL students, without a special application process or fee. The range of Global Guarantee education opportunities includes:

Benefits of a Global Education 


Many global education opportunities are experiential and interdisciplinary. Students thrive in active, hands-on experiences, often outside of a formal classroom setting. Through the Global Guarantee, students might work alongside or virtually with students from another country, using classroom learning to tackle a shared problem.


The knowledge and skills gained from a global education are highly sought after in the job market, like problem-solving, working in diverse teams, and communicating across cultures.


A global education challenges students to confront new ideas and situations. As a result, they’ll gain confidence and independence.

Next Steps

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UNC/KCL COIL collaboration performs “Protest” composed by Kristina Arakelyan

Students should talk with an academic advisor, their professors or make an advising appointment with the Study Abroad Office to learn more about the rich menu of global education opportunities at Carolina. 

Learn about global opportunities through the Global Affairs monthly newsletter, and be sure to visit the FedEx Global Education Center, a hub for global activity on campus!