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UNC-Chapel Hill’s 2020 strategic plan, Carolina Next: Innovations for Public Good, consists of eight pillars, including Globalize. This pillar, led by Vice Provost for Global Affairs Barbara Stephenson, includes three strategic initiatives.

Strengthen global partnerships and bring the world to Carolina with enhanced on-campus global programming. 

Strategic Opportunities

  • Preserve and, where possible, strengthen Carolina’s ability to work with partners around the world.
  • Enhance global programming on campus, with increased opportunities for cultural exchange.
  • Develop and execute initial phase of institutional strategy for Asia.
  • Enhance global branding of the University.

Guarantee that a global education is available to all students. 

Strategic Opportunities

  • Offer all Carolina students the best menu of global opportunities possible.
  • Diversify and strengthen global learning across the Carolina curriculum on campus and abroad, including through enhanced support to faculty for developing new, revised, globally partnered and interdisciplinary global resources.
  • Obtain broad campus support for revised and strengthened policies and procedures for student international travel.

Enhance support of UNC’s international research mission. 

Strategic Opportunities

  • Identify opportunities at the country, region, and institution level for fruitful global collaboration and partnerships.
  • Amplify the virtues of Carolina’s culture of low stone walls by supporting and promoting pan-university collaboration in the global research space.
  • Build capacity in OVPGA for identifying global opportunities, enabling pan-university collaboration, and effectively telling Carolina’s story in order to enhance the University’s ability to work with international partners to address the grand challenges of our time.