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Carolina is taking important steps to deepen our global engagement and enhance our ability to address some of the most complex issues the world has ever faced. At the forefront of this effort is our commitment to educating the next generation of global leaders. Our work aligns with UNC-Chapel Hill’s 2020 strategic plan: Carolina Next: Innovations for Public Good. This plan is comprised of eight pillars, including Globalize, which defines Carolina’s path to further infuse the University with a Global Mindset and consists of three core goals:  

Strengthen international partnerships and bring the world to Carolina with enhanced on-campus global programming 

The Globalize pillar recognizes the central role that UNC’s partnerships play in supporting all facets of our global workWe work in partnership with universities, organizations and institutions, and we seek to deepen these connections— both to educate our students and to address the grand challenges of our time.  

Our partnerships offer collaborative approaches to international learning, which is critical to help us develop the next generation of global leaders. We have begun to expand our linkages and partnerships in Asia. Thus far, this has taken the form of helping launch the Modern Indian Studies initiative, which was designed to transform the study and understanding of contemporary India for students, researchers, entrepreneurs and future leaders. We are also extending our existing work and partnerships with Japan, Korea and Singapore.  

Furthermore, we are bringing global thought leaders to campus to feed vibrant conversations, inside and outside of the classroom, about what lessons we can now learn about our interconnected world. 

Carolina’s network of partners underpins our research capacity and increases our ability to problem solve on an international scale. Together, we identify and work toward a collective goal, approaching research questions from a global perspective.  

Learn more about our partnership philosophy and the University’strategic partners. 

Guarantee that a global education is available to all students 

We have made a promise, through our Global Guarantee, that each undergraduate student will have  access to a transformative global education, while also offering graduate and professional students valuable global learning opportunities.  

Through Connecting Carolina Classrooms with the World (CCCW), we are creating a wider portfolio of global education opportunities for all Carolina students. Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL), a core component of  CCCW, involves shared teaching and learning between the faculty and students in a UNC-Chapel Hill course and the faculty and students in a course at a global partner university. Students work together virtually for at least three weeks to complete small group projects, engage in dialogue drawing on their different societal or disciplinary perspectives, or exchange scholarly or creative work. These courses are inclusive by design and are quickly becoming an important part of the Global Guarantee.  After a strong start of the new COIL program, we hope to double the number of COIL courses (to 40) and reach 1,000 students in the 2021-2022 academic year. 

Learn more about some of our newest global course offerings and study abroad programming 

Enhance support to UNC’s international research mission 

Finally, we are improving institutional and operational support for international research operations by developing, with broad, pan-university buy-in, clear policies, roadmaps and standard operating procedures for global operations.