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At UNC Global, we are infusing a Global Mindset across campus—across academics and research. We are taking important steps to deepen our global engagement and increase the scope and scale of our ability to contribute research and creative, problem-solving ideas to the world. Strengthening a global mindset on campus is essential to responsibly prepare the next generation of leaders and to examine, understand, and resolve some of the most complex issues the world has ever faced.

We are working in partnership with universities, organizations, and institutions around the world, and we seek to deepen these connections. Our partnerships offer collaborative approaches to global learning. They reflect a commitment to globally constructed knowledge and practice, thread global learning through a student’s academic career, and provide for an institutional model of the global competencies we want for students.

We’re also making a promise, through our Global Guarantee, that each undergraduate has access to a transformative global education, while also finding ways to provide graduate and professional students with valuable global experiences. We are committed to increasing the resources to fund a transformative education.

To accomplish these goals, we’re improving our global operations support infrastructure, along with developing institutional practices that support global research and programming abroad.

Our work is informed by UNC-Chapel Hill’s 2020 strategic plan: Carolina Next: Innovations for Public Good, which is comprised of eight initiatives that are drawn from areas in which the Carolina community has the greatest opportunity to create change and shape the future. One of these pillars focuses on Carolina’s global engagement and is aligned with the University’s enduring core values: access, affordability, and public service.