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Art Exhibitions

The FedEx Global Education Center hosts art exhibitions that promote intellectual discussion and a better understanding and appreciation for other cultures and world regions. Typically, exhibitions are accompanied by related lectures and other programming.

Call for Proposals

The center is currently accepting proposals from artists to display work during the Fall 2022 semester and beyond. Proposals are accepted on an ongoing basis. Exhibitions vary in length, but shows average two to five months.

Proposals should be submitted to Ingrid Smith, manager of global events and exhibitions, via email at

The FedEx Global Education Center considers display submissions in accordance with the following priorities:

  • We seek to display works by artists from various world regions who create through paint, sculpture, textile, photography and other mediums.
  • We consider the extent to which work reflects complex contemporary international issues.
  • Works with an educational dimension consistent with the mission of the FedEx Global Education Center and its units are encouraged.
  • Displays will be considered in conjunction with other university departments whose expertise is relevant towards the proposed art exhibition.

The center will consider work by professional and amateur artists, including students, as well as faculty driven projects.

All artists must submit the following to be considered:

  • Résumé
  • Artist’s statement
  • 5 to 10 images of the proposed exhibition pieces, accompanying text, dimensions of pieces and explanation of how pieces will be displayed. Please discuss framing, mounting, and so on.
  • Explanation of global relevancy and educational benefit

Response time varies, but can be expected within two to four months. Proposals are considered by a committee comprised of staff from offices housed in the FedEx Global Education Center.

Building Information

The gallery space within the center is housed on three floors and contains approximately 14 linear feet on each of the five walls in the space. This includes one wall on the first floor and two walls on the second and third floors. Most exhibitions should use all three floors of the gallery space, but exhibitors may share gallery space on some occasions.

Glass display cases (approximately 11.5’W x 8.5’H x 18”D) containing maple pedestals (14” squared, with 3 in each height: 2’, 3’, and 4’) in the center’s atrium may also be used to highlight three-dimensional work.

Some works of art may be covered by the University’s fine arts policy and insurance, but the FedEx Global Education Center cannot be responsible for the security of artwork. Security personnel are on-site during evenings and weekends.