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Kenan-Flagler’s Malhotra Is Focused on Innovation

December 21, 2016

You might describe Arvind Malhotra as the stereotypical absent-mind professor. When he’s not teaching, you’ll find him immersed in research about business innovation. But if you want to call him, you might have to use his wife’s phone number because he’s lost … Continued

Advancing Education for Children Displaced by War

November 23, 2016

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill alumnus Scott Quilty knows first-hand how warfare tears communities apart. News agencies frequently report dramatic images of violence and combat, but for people living in wartorn regions, the challenges continue even if they … Continued

Kenan-Flagler Professor Studies Brands that Cross Borders

September 29, 2016

An American consumer drives his Korean-made Hyundai to a local store to buy chocolate from Swiss manufacturer Lindt & Sprüngli. In Guangzhou, an affluent Chinese shopper drives her BMW to Carrefour – the French-owned hypermarket – to buy Coca-Cola. The … Continued

The Positive Side Effects of Innovation

August 1, 2016

Patients battling cancer face many unknowns, including whether their treatments are working. Physicians use radioactive tracers and PET/CT imaging scans taken before and after treatment to assess how a tumor is responding – but the process has drawbacks. Patients must … Continued