Global Heels

Carolina is committed to providing students with a global education. Each year, Carolina brings to campus more than 1,700 international students from more than 100 countries and sends more than 1,300 students to study abroad in more than 70 countries. This exchange helps prepare students for life in an interlinked world and fosters a dynamic and culturally aware campus environment in Chapel Hill. 

Meet Some of Carolina’s “Global Heels”


Meet Maya Weinberg, who studied food security in Israel, Mexico, and Chapel Hill






Meet Hannah Gill, director of the Latino Migration Project and founder of the Building Integrated Communities program






Meet Emily Venturi ’18, an international student from Italy, who spent a semester abroad at the Paris Institute of Political Sciences






Meet Maribel Carrion, who funds the Global Takeoff: Puerto Rico program





Meet Rose Jackson, who reconnected to her Persian heritage at UNC







Meet Tess Stogner ’19, who gained experience with an immersive semester in France





Meet Cecilia Martinez-Gallardo, associate professor of political science, who received the inaugural William Wilson Brown Jr. Distinguished Term Professor in Latin American Studies award





Meet Sami Lachgar ’18, whose multimedia stories share Cape Town’s post-apartheid legacy.






Meet Zena Cardman, a Carolina alumna who conducted research in Antarctica before being selected for NASA’s astronaut class





Meet Justin Myers, assistant director of the Global Health and Leadership Fellowship






Meet Hai-Ryung Sung, a Duke-UNC Rotary Peace Center Fellow before joining the doctorate program at the Gillings School of Global Public Health






Meet Jim Thomas, associate professor of epidemiology in the Gillings School and director of the MEASURE Evaluation Project






Meet Hiba Alzouby ’21 PharmD, who focuses on refugees locally and globally.






Meet Carl Ernst, William R. Kenan Jr. Distinguished Professor of Islamic Studies and co-director of the Carolina Center for the Study of the Middle East and Muslim Civilizations, who connects Carolina with the Middle East.





Meet Aneri Pradhan ’07, who works with rural Ugandan communities to implement sustainable energy solutions.






Meet Rahsaan Maxwell, associate professor of political science, who takes a transnational look at how societies respond to immigrant and minority populations.





Meet Carolina Valder ’17, who finds a sense of belonging in Peru’s Marcahuasi.





Meet Wayne Landsman, the KPMG Distinguished Professor of Accounting at the Kenan-Flagler Business School, who fosters international business exchange.





Meet Marko Dumančić, ’10 Ph.D., who explores conceptions of masculinity in eastern Europe and Russia.





Meet Elizabeth Olson, associate professor of geography and global studies, who builds support for youth caregivers.






Meet Ryan Seguin MPH ’17, who reduces health disparities through nutrition.







Meet John Paul Balmonte ’17, who explores marine microbial communities from New Zealand to Alaska.





Meet Sarah Muscutt ’15, an Asheville native living out her childhood dream of living in Asia.





Meet Shamira Lukomwa ’15, who links art and advocacy in Nairobi.






Meet Claudia Yaghoobi, an assistant professor of Persian studies who grew up in an Armenian family in Tehran, Iran.





Meet Harris Hamed ’17, who has traveled to 19 countries and six continents thanks in large part to programs and opportunities offered through the University.





Meet Bradley Opere ’17, who seeks to create unity from the outside.






Meet Jane Chaffee ’17 MBA/MSPH, who worked in Lusaka on a Global Business Project at the intersection of health and business in Zambia.





Meet Rósa Magnusdottir ’06 Ph.D., who points to Russian scholarship in the U.S. as a beacon of hope for the field.





Meet Anna Kirey ’15 M.A., who knows advancing LGBTQI rights requires regional expertise.





Meet Rotary Peace Fellow Kiran Singh Sirah ’13, who believes that finding common ground through storytelling is the foundation for peace.





Meet Shaw Drake ’10, who draws on his degree in Latin American Studies to work for human rights for migrants.





Meet Eli Hornstein ’14, a Raleigh native who works to conserve the environment and studies languages.





Meet Layla Quran ’15, originally from the West Bank, whose fascination with borders, both geopolitical and social, has allowed her to cross many borders in her personal and academic life.





Meet Krista McGuire ’16, who opened a dialogue about race in the U.S. while studying abroad in Australia.





Meet Diana Marcela Gómez Correal, a Royster Fellow from Colombia working on a doctorate in cultural anthropology and raising her voice against violence in her country.





Meet Bliss Green-Morehead ’15, a Phillips Ambassador who studied in Seoul in the Republic of Korea (South Korea) and is double-majoring in Chinese and German Language and Literature with a minor in Korean.






Meet Bryan Davis ’08, recipient of a Frances L. Phillips Travel Scholarship whose original research plan took an unexpected turn when he decided to make China his permanent residence.






Meet Benjamin Porter ’72, a freelance photographer, owner of Small Footprint Travels, and one of the first Morehead-Cain Scholars to travel abroad.






Meet Elaina Giolando ’11, a project coordinator and international sales executive who travels to a new country in Latin America, Asia or Africa every three to four months.






Meet Lewis Lucke, a UNC alumnus who served as U.S. Ambassador to the Kingdom of Swaziland from 2004 until 2006 and is the author of Waiting for Rain: Life and Development in Mali, W. Africa.






Meet Minh Tang from Vietnam, an undergraduate studying business in Kenan-Flagler Business School.






Meet Natasha Holt from Australia, a Duke-Rotary International Peace Fellow studying trauma healing and gender-based and sexual violence at UNC School of Social Work.






Meet Reem Ghunaim, a graduate student from the Palestinian Territory studying city and regional planning and specializing in economic development.






Meet Jinbing Bai, a doctoral student in nursing and also a third-year Royster Fellow from China.






Meet Henry Li, an undergraduate from Beijing, China, majoring in political science and minoring in politics, philosophy and economics.






Meet Francisco Laguna-Correa, a doctoral student in Hispanic studies and 19th century cultural studies from Mexico City.






Meet Chifundo Colleta Zimba, a doctoral student in nursing, focusing on health care systems from Malawi.






Meet Daniele Lauro, a doctoral student in Japanese history and a Graduate Phillips Ambassador from Naples, Italy.






Meet Melat Fiseha ’16 from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.