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vaccine, bandage, and alcohol swabs on a medical tray

Correcting Vaccine Misinformation Is a Difficult Process, Carolina Study Shows

January 7, 2020

The number of girls receiving HPV vaccines in Denmark plummeted after vaccine misinformation spread through Danish media outlets from 2013 to 2016. Health officials launched a campaign in 2017 aiming to correct the misinformation and encourage girls to get vaccinated. New research from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill shows that, despite substantial progress, about… Read more »

Aerial image of ice cover on Yukon River.

New Study Estimates the Global Extent of River Ice Loss as Earth Warms

January 3, 2020

More than half of Earth’s rivers freeze over every year. These frozen rivers support important transportation networks for communities and industries located at high latitudes. Ice cover also regulates the amount of greenhouse gasses released from rivers into Earth’s atmosphere. A new study from researchers in the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Department… Read more »

The word "love" in different languages.

The Meaning of Emotions May Differ Across the World, New Research Shows

December 19, 2019

In the largest study of its kind, Carolina researchers examined languages around the world and how humans conceptualize emotions. Psychology researchers from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, in collaboration with scientists from the Max Planck Institute, studied languages around the world and found that the way humans conceptualize emotions like anger, fear, joy and sadness may differ across speakers of different languages.

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Kevin Guskiewicz Named 12th Chancellor of UNC-Chapel Hill

December 13, 2019

University of North Carolina System Interim President Bill Roper today named Kevin M. Guskiewicz as the 12th chancellor and 30th chief executive officer of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Guskiewicz, who has served as interim chancellor since being appointed on February 6, 2019, will assume this new role effective immediately. “Kevin Guskiewicz possesses… Read more »

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Carolina Alumni Named Schwarzman Scholars

December 4, 2019

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill alumni Yusheng Zhang and Sandy Alkoutami have been selected for the elite Schwarzman Scholars Program. Modeled after the Rhodes Scholarship, the Schwarzman is an innovative master’s degree program that supports study at China’s prestigious Tsinghua University and bridges the academic and professional worlds to educate students about leadership… Read more »

Portraits of the two recipients

Two Alumnae Named Recipients of Marshall Scholarship

December 9, 2019

Two University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill alumnae are recipients of the prestigious Marshall Scholarship, which funds graduate studies in any field at up to two United Kingdom institutions. Anne Sutton, a 2018 graduate with degrees in music and geography, and Olivia Holder, who earned a bachelor’s degree in history in 2018, are Carolina’s… Read more »

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Cuba’s USB-Driven Music Scene

November 4, 2019

Mike Levine grew up in a seaside community in New Jersey best known as the birthplace of Bruce Springsteen. His dad was a music instructor who played the alto-saxophone and conducted the local concert band. It was a given that when he became a teenager, he would start a terrible rock band in his garage…. Read more »

Woman and child sitting and reading together

Bringing the World to North Carolina Classrooms

October 16, 2019

After a 10-day trip to the Dominican Republic in 2017, elementary school principal Chasity Dolan flew home to Concord, North Carolina, with a new vision for her school. Many of her students’ parents spoke only English at home, while several others spoke only Spanish. Dolan wondered if she could help her students become biliterate by… Read more »