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Rising Senior Gives Back to Local Japanese Families

July 12, 2021

Service holds a significant place in rising senior Alyssa Cooper’s life. “It’s what makes me happy, knowing that I’m able to make an impact,” she says. “Even a small impact on someone’s life is very fulfilling for me.” After her … Read more

Examining Food Environments in the Galápagos

March 1, 2021

Carolina graduate student Khristopher Nicholas studies food environments and how they shape people’s diets and health. His work led him to the Galápagos to study one of the most complex food environments in the world. How do dollar stores replacing … Read more

Opening the Door to Global Research

February 22, 2021

Part of Carolina Away’s Opportunity Curriculum, “Contemporary World Problems” introduces ways to conduct research on politics, economies, cultures and societies around the world by connecting students with current professors and researchers examining these topics at Carolina. As a first-generation college … Read more

The Language Studies Program that United Duke and Carolina

February 8, 2021

Carolina and Duke may have a heated rivalry on the court, but there’s more collaboration than competition when it comes to academics. The Carolina-Duke Graduate Program in German Studies utilizes the strengths of the two universities — one public and one private … Read more

Can White Dwarfs Help Solve the Cosmological Lithium Problem?

December 17, 2020

UNC-Chapel Hill explores new method for measuring galactic evolution of lithium. For the first time, hard-to-track lithium has been identified and measured in the atmosphere of burned out stars called white dwarfs, according to a study led by the University of … Read more

Two Tar Heels Named Rhodes Scholars

November 23, 2020

Peter Andringa and Sarah Mackenzie are Carolina’s 50th and 51st Rhodes Scholars. The world’s oldest international fellowship award, the Rhodes Scholarship funds study at the University of Oxford in England. Carolina alumni Sarah Mackenzie and Peter Andringa have received the … Read more

#GDTBATH: Tashar Varma

November 23, 2020

This semester Carolina junior Tushar Varma has skipped his typical walks through the quad and nights studying at Davis Library and instead is hiking 41 North Carolina State Parks and researching cancer support resources. Varma, who is majoring in advertising … Read more